Neutrogena lip moisturizer SPF 15 Review

When I finished my Maybelline New York BabyLips SPF20 Lipbalm, I was quite lazy for a while to buy a new one. I loved my Maybelline lip balm (the anti-oxidant berry one). I liked it for two reasons: I don’t want the strong fragrance that come with other lip balms and I always prefer my lip balm to come with an SPF.

So while I was on my lazy days ‘spree’ I did not realize that my lips were going really dry and black-ish. As soon as one of my friend made me realize this I went on to buy a new Maybelline lip balm for me.

The shop that I went to did not have any Maybelline lip balms so I looked for alternatives. There I saw this Neutrogena lip balm. It satisfied my two requirements and I bought it without even thinking twice.


When it comes to SPF products I think Neutrogena is one of the bests.

Product description: 

Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Lip Moisturizer  softens, smoothes and protects dry, chapped lips with no waxy feeling. The moisture-enriched formula soothes and conditions your lips, keeping them healthy looking and soft in all weather.

  • Contains PABA-free SPF-15 sunblocks to guard against the sun’s UVA and UVB rays.
  • Use everyday for soft and smooth lips
  • Formulated only with the purest ingredients – no color, no fragrance and unnecessary additives.

Active Ingredients: 

7.5% Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate, 4.0% Benzophenone-3

Buy it here.

It comes with a twist open tube and it glides really smoothly on your lips without giving a waxy finish.


I have been using this lip balm for about two months now and I really like it. It has lightened my lip color and made it really soft. Most of you might not like the fact that it is not tinted but in my opinion you should have at least one non tinted lip balm. So you can use it as a base for your gloss or lipsticks.

The quantity is pretty generous that would easily last for a couple of months. Also once I apply it I don’t have to reapply for another 3-4 hours unless I have meals in between. 😛


I also like to apply it at night and wake up with really smooth lips in the morning.


  • SPF 15 gives protection from the sun.
  • No waxy texture on application.
  • Travel friendly packaging.
  • Budget friendly.
  • Has long term benefits for chapped and dark lips.


  • No tint and fragrance can be a turn down for few. (for me its fine though as I like it to be free from color and fragrance)


Out of 5 I would give this product a 3.5

Overall it’s a good product. I would definitely buy it again. 🙂

You can buy it here.


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