Natural Bath & Body Magnificent Wild Orchid First Impressions

It was an amazing day today as it was today that I received my Bath & Body parcel from Nykaa.


The packaging was not exactly the same yet it was impressive.

Now coming to the contents of this lovely πŸ’– box.

It contains four items: a Face Wash, a Shower gel, a Body Mist and a Body Lotion.

Too much for this box and price, right?!

Now coming to the products individually.

First up we have a Face Wash. I was really excited for the face wash and it was the first thing I tried amongst all four products. Here is a look at it.

The face wash comes in a very convenient packaging. It is a foaming face wash and smells amazing. Feels really fresh after using it because of it’s fragrance.

Next up, we have a shower gel. The first thing I noticed about it was it’s color – it’s purple guys πŸ’œ. I love the consistency and smell. I am sure after using it in your shower you will feel the calmness of a real orchard.

The third awesomeness in this box is a body lotion – Body Latte as they call it. The packaging again is remarkable. It might not be travel friendly* as it is a pump but it will sure look good amongst your bathroom goodies.


*Update: The pump gets locked if you turn it around, so yayy it good for travel as well. πŸ™‚

Lastly we have a body mist which again is so fresh and amazing. One thing I loved about these in first glance are the quantities. All products are good to last long.

I cannot comment on the effectiveness of these products as yet but I am really happy with the first impressions. Well, why shouldn’t I be? After all we are girls and we aspire to grab as many beauty products in the world as we can, right? 😝 And this package of goodness will surely make you feel a bit more content. That’s what I can promise. ☺

My room smells heavenly right now. And I am happy. β˜ΊπŸ˜€